♦ How to care

Orchids should be watered every 5-7 days, or when the pot feels light.
Do not over-water, and make sure it’s not sitting in excess water.
It is important that your orchid does not get any direct sunlight on its leaves.
Orchids prefer warmer temperatures and do well in regular “in house” temperatures of between 60-75.
Your orchid will be happiest in a well-ventilated area with about 60% humidity.
All orchids are guaranteed for three days for exchange only.

♦ Maintenance

 Monthly Orchids delivery and  Maintenance can be scheduled to be delivered to your place of business each month according to your specifications of size, color and style. We will pick up the old arrangement and replace it with a fresh arrangement in the same time frame each month. 

Delivery is free with this service.

Once placement is complete we also offer maintenance services in which we will attend to your orchids or plants on a weekly basis to ensure that they are being properly cared for.